The 2008 LA River Expedition

On July 25th 2008, a dozen brave Angelenos, led by political satirist and unwitting activist George Wolfe, attempted to navigate down the full 51 miles of the Los Angeles River. This perilous journey was historical not so much in its scope, as in its timing – for the waters of the political system and money interests were about to drown this river in bureaucracy.

Can the hairbrained actions of a small group of citizens affect the decisions of a large governmental agency, and change the course of history?

Magic Pebble Media


WSR Creative


Rock the Boat

The 2008 LA River Expedition

a film by

Thea Lucia Mercouffer

Heather Louise Parker
Michael Kuehnert, Thea Lucia Mercouffer
Trina De Mattei, Yolando Brown MItchell
associate producers
director of photography
Tiffany Nathanson, Michael Kuehnert, Thea Mercouffer
camera operators
Colin Heart production associate

Nick Fortunato, Kyle Moore, Israel Chavoya, Brandon DelNero

production assistants

Special Thanks to:

Francis Della Vecchia, Melissa Kann – Cultural Connections

Julie duBrow

Alan Berkowitz
Debbie and Greg Carlson
Frankie Jueds
Angela and Doug Parker
Barbie and Hyde Perce
Rosalind Schmitt
Karin Treadwell

Ray Maryam – Old Bank Market and Deli

Kelly Layne – Whole Foods


Mark Olson – Ocean Kayaks

Ross Resnick – Honest Tea


Val Bisharat – Clif Bars

Jamie Beck and Ueli Rotherbuhler – Sports Chalet

Dennis Davis – Europa Bicycle Center

Coffey Sound

The Electric Lodge

The Army Corps of Engineers

The LA County DPW

The City of LA

Lewis MacAdams, Shelly Backlar, Ramona Marks, Alicia Katano and Board Members of FoLar

Jenny Price, Mayumi Murashige, Anita Leon, Zaha and Omalina Wolfe, Jilian Boyd, Jose Delgado, Pablo Garahan, Evelyn Wemdel and children, David Japka, Michael Sonntag, Piotr Sobczak and Nancy Adams, Mark Edgar Stephans and Octavio Velez, Barbara Silberbusch


Many, many thanks to the members of the 2008 LA River Expedition for their courage and inspiration:

George Wolfe, Jeffrey Tipton, Joe Linton, Hilary Kaplan, Melanie Winter, Colin Heart, Joel Shapiro, Misha Collins, Heather Wylie, Conner Evert, George Boe, Frederick Reimers


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